Membership to the South African Health Informatics Association guiding principles
Application for membership in one of the grades as provided by the Constitution shall be made on the prescribed form (see bottom of page). Members in good standing are:

  • eligible to vote on matters as raised at the Annual General Meeting;
  • can participate in postal voting;
  • entitled to preferential discounts at all HISA conferences;
  • entitled to discounts at other conferences where SAHIA has an agreement with that organisation e.g. Medinfo
  • can stand for election onto the national executive committee.

Member Grades
1. Fellows

  • This is by election only and reserved for members with exceptional meritorious services and professional activities.

2. Members. Full Corporate members are individuals who have:

  • An honorary degree in a field related to Health Informatics as well as a minimum of one year?s experience in Health Informatics OR
  • A three year post matriculation qualification in a field related to Health Informatics and who have subsequently, for a period of not less than two years, had experience in HI, OR
  • Had at least three years? experience in HI, to the satisfaction of Council
  • Council may, at its discretion, award Member status to individuals

3. Retired members

  • Retired members shall be Members in good standing and who have attained full retired status even though they may be still employed in a temporary capacity

4. Associate members

  • These are individuals who have an interest in Health Informatics but do not qualify for corporate membership on the basis of qualification and/or experience. This status can be reviewed by Council on receipt of evidence of additional qualifications and/or experience

5. Corresponding members

  • Individuals fulfilling the same conditions as members or associate members but who are permanently resident outside of South Africa

6. Student members

  • Student members shall be individuals who are bona fide students and who are interested in health informatics

7. Institutional members

  • Shall be those organisations who are active in health informatics or related fields to the satisfaction of Council

Membership Subscription
Annual subscriptions shall be in accordance with the following scale of units:

  • Fellows 0 units
  • Members 5 units
  • Retired Members R100, reviewed when considered necessary by Council
  • Associate Members 3 units
  • Corresponding Members 2 units
  • Student Members 1 unit
  • Institutional Members 70 units

The Current value of a unit for 2018 fees is R 80.


Please send the completed forms to: membership @ Sahia . org . za